Book Couture

Design and Craft


Goso Publishing produces handmade large photo books that fly in the face of the online book machine and its mantra - cheap, fast and glossy. We follow the long proven traditions of couture and craft, taking the time to develop your story in full and to give  each book an individual layout, typography and cover design. 

If the commission asks for original photography or a voice that goes with the visual, we bring the expert photographer or writer / researcher to the table. We print on state-of-the-art digital equipment, using only the finest printing papers, and bring the book to  a luxurious finish at the hands of our bookbinder. 

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Quality photography is the nature of coffee-table books. Working with the client’s photography demands meticulous attention to detail in retouching, adjusting and enhancing the visual storyline into a coherent,  distinct and powerful editorial. Creating a "Look" is often a challenge, as you can see here. 


The best intentions are in vain when you cut corners with the paper, as online printers often do. We work with the best papers available, four different qualities, to meet all the different needs. 


Couture meets craft. We equip our books with a hand-stitched spine, the hallmark of traditional bookbinding and essential for a sturdy body. Unlike glue in modern books hand-stitching will last for generations.


And then we dress them, in  a choice of lush or exotic leather,  fabrics beyond the standard linens, or mixed materials. And when other books start crumbling over the years our books are only getting better.


Coffee-table books, more than others, are judged by their covers. When developing a motif we look at everything from Graffiti to Rive Gauche, from Bauhaus to Posh, from the purely ornamental to the illustrative. To meet our ambition that every commission should be unique both as a book and an object. Much like this design study.


We talk about prices only after a careful assessment of a project. Budgets are as bespoke as the books that we create and can be fit to meet your specific goals.