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A best-of compilation of 30 years in photos

30 years, from the wedding to 6 children and the first couple of grandchildren, from the US to Germany and from one house to the next, nine in all. 

A set of two large books tells the story, each with around 560 pages. Together they share about 3.500 images. The pool this was drawn from was near 12.000 pictures, half of which were high definition repros taken out of old photo albums and seriously photoshoped. And then the Christmas cards - watching the friend’s children grow up. 

The twin books came in an edition of 8, each set in a different colour scheme of top-grade African goat skin. With a large blind embossing and a second layer in gold. The cover motif appears again on the end papers and is set in colour vice versa to the other book.

SIZE   27x35cm 
PAGES  580 / 548