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Richard Avedon portraits Corporate America

"G100 - for CEOs only" a very exclusive club for the top CEOs of the US and a few international ones, meets twice a year in New York for a two-day, open discussion on all things concerning corporate leadership. Throw in some of the smartest heads in academia, Yale and Harvard, the occasional mover from Washington and leave out the press.

I suggested such a meeting of silverbacks cannot go un-documented, with Richard Avedon in mind. Not only is he Americas premier portraitist but he can command the situation when 3 or 4 of them are crowding the studio. 

The photographs were used for the up-coming invitations, very elaborate invitational booklets, publishing the  portraits of the last meeting. The best of them are by now regulars in Avedon's exhibitions. And the whole body of work may one day be turned into a book about Corporate America at a politically critical moment, the years 1999 until 2003.